Store patient data more securely

DDX uses AES encryption to help secure patient data. Backups are managed automatically to reduce the likelihood of data loss.

Save time and boost efficiency

with an intelligent online service that helps you gather, package and double check all of the x-rays, photos and documents you need to complete a lab case. This increases accuracy, streamlines workflows and keeps errors to a minimum.

Improve communications with your lab

with real-time shared case notes and case return dates.

"Once dentists and labs understand the power of DDX... it will absolutely transform the business." — Bob Miller, Owner, Custom Milling Center (CMC)

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Discover the advantages of an intelligent online digital exchange.

DDX is a web-based service that offers you a faster, safer and more efficient way to exchange and manage casework with your lab.

With DDX, you can instantly reduce prescription errors and omissions, streamline your case management workflow, open new lines of real-time electronic communication and helps keep sensitive patient information safe and secure.

Best of all, you can create your DDX account and start submitting cases online in around five minutes.

DDX is ready to help you

DDX provides a complete, proven set of features and capabilities

that will streamline your lab prescription workflow, eliminate common errors, improve communications between your lab and your customers and help keep patient information safe and secure

  • Simple online case submission form prepopulates patient information and case details to minimize typing.
  • A complete list of procedures offered by your lab appears automatically, with the most common procedures appearing near the top.
  • Intelligent, adaptable prescription forms automatically display all of the required and optional information required for specific procedures as soon as you choose one.
  • A convenient "Add Procedures" function makes it easy to add multiple procedures to a single case.
  • Case notes allow you to share additional notes with your lab and choose from a list of common saved notes to avoid retyping.
  • Instant two way messaging makes it easy to communicate quickly with your lab—and save a complete record of your conversations.
  • Instant confirmation. The moment you click Submit, you receive a confirmation and scheduled return date from your lab.
  • Easy file attachment allows you to quickly attach and upload all kinds of digital files and other types of information. All of these attachments appear together in one convenient window.
  • A convenient online management portal provides a complete overview of all your casework activity.
  • An Events Calendar provides instant information about when cases are scheduled to arrive and when patients are scheduled for follow-up appointments. Clicking on any event opens more detailed information about that case.
  • An Alerts and Activities window offers useful, real-time information about active cases, including notifications when your lab posts a new case note and alerts when cases don’t reach the lab or your practice on schedule.
  • Detailed case information is available throughout DDX, so you can always get the latest status information, quickly identify cases that still need to be signed and explore other important details about every active case.
  • Complete case archives allow you to search for and access every case you’ve entered into the DDX system—whether it was last week or three years ago.
  • AES encryption helps keep private patient information safe from the moment you login to your account through the prescription process.
  • Data centers with AES encryption help keep sensitive casework information protected and backed up at an offsite location. That means you can recover case and patient information quickly—even if your own systems go down or get damaged.
  • Easy integration with the most popular practice management solutions, including Dentrix, Dentrix Enterprise, OMSVision, PerioVision and DentalVision Enterprise.
  • Compatibility and support for leading restoration technologies, including Dental Wings, D4D Technologies, 3Shape, CMC, Labnet, ABS, Inventrix Labtrac, Magic Touch DLCPM and more.
  • Fast, easy case creation from DDX-enabled Chart or Appointment Book windows.
  • Automatic prepopulation of patient information and case details into DDX, so you don’t have to retype information. This basic integration is available with virtually any practice management system.
  • Smart Envelopes that automatically package and transmit complete cases from leading dental CAD CAM solutions.


DDX runs on any standard Internet browser, and works seamlessly with lab management systems such as Labnet, Labtrac, Magic Touch Software and ABS. Plus, it features powerful integrations with leading CAD/CAM and milling technologies like Dental Wings*, 3Shape and D4D*, to make receiving totally paperless cases fast, easy and accurate.


Who Is On the DDX Network?

Dentrix Enterprise
Dental Wings
D4D Technologies
Inventrix Labtrac
DentalVision Enterprise
Magic Touch DLCPM
Below is a list of our current DDX-Enabled partners. Don't see a device or platform you recommend? Let us know! We're constantly expanding the DDX universe, and we want your feedback.
Partnering with Henry Schein to get DDX-Enabled makes you more accessible to your customers and patients.

DDX is the most comprehensive platform-neutral network available to dental labs and practices for digital case management. Deep integrations with major digital dentistry devices and software help us ensure that our DDX-Enabled practices and labs are on the forefront of technology adoption.

The mission of DDX is to grow our network with robust integrations and speed mainstream adoption of digital dentistry technologies. For dental devices and software platforms, getting DDX-Enabled offers unique insight and special positioning within the Henry Schein family--a major dental practice and lab market some 140,000 strong.