DDX for Labs

Give Your Lab a New Competitive Edge

DDX is a web-based service that makes your lab more productive and competitive by eliminating paperwork, bringing all the files and information you need to complete cases together into one convenient location and opening fast new lines of communication with your customers. It's a more intelligent, efficient way to manage your casework that’s also easy to implement and surprisingly affordable. So contact a representative or schedule a free demo today. And explore the advantages of going digital with DDX.

DDX is ready to help you:

  • Save time and boost efficiency with an intelligent online service that makes it easy for your customers to gather, package and double check all of the x-rays, photos and documents they need to complete a lab case. This improves accuracy, streamlines workflows and keeps errors to a minimum.

  • Impress your customers and improve your service by sending practices instant confirmations and case return dates while their patients are still in the chair.

  • Store patient data more securely. DDX uses advanced encryption methodologies (AES encryption) to help you keep your data more secure. Don't rely on unsecure email and thumb drives.

  • Access all of your casework no matter what happens. Because DDX stores all of your casework information safely in the cloud, you always have access—even if your own systems go down or get damaged. DDX also maintains a complete archive, so you can instantly access every case you've ever received.

  • Take advantage of the technology you already use. DDX offers fast, easy integration with a long list of lab management software, and it has become the standard for secure digital exchanges.

  • Go digital quickly and painlessly with a solution that doesn't require any extra hardware, software or technical expertise.

DDX provides a complete, proven set of features and capabilities that will streamline your workflow, eliminate common errors, improve communications between your lab and your customers and help keep patient information safe and secure.

Case Submission:

  • Customized online case submission forms make it easy for you to collect all of the information you need from your customers to complete cases.

  • A complete list of procedures offered by your lab appears automatically, with the most common procedures appearing near the top.

  • Intelligent, adaptable prescription forms automatically display all of the required and optional information you require for specific procedures.

  • A convenient “Add Procedures” function makes it easy for your customers to add multiple procedures to a single case.

  • Instant two way messaging makes it easy for your customers to communicate with you quickly—and save a complete record of your conversations.

  • Instant confirmation. The moment you receive a case, DDX automatically sends a confirmation and a scheduled return date.

  • Easy file attachment allows practices to quickly attach and upload all kinds of digital files and other types of information. All of these attachments appear together in one convenient window.

Case Management:

  • A convenient online management portal provides information about your incoming and outgoing casework activity from any computer with an Internet connection.

  • An Alerts and Activities window offers useful, real-time information about active cases, including notifications when your customers add new case notes and alerts when cases don't reach your lab or your customer's practice on schedule.

  • Electronic pick-up and shipment alerts streamline your operations and keep your patients informed and up-to-date.

  • Detailed case information is available throughout DDX, so you can always get the latest status information and explore other important details about every active case.

  • Complete case archives allow you to search for and access every case that has been entered into the DDX system—whether it was last week or three years ago.

Security and Compliance:

  • AES encryption helps keep private patient information safe through the prescription process.

  • Data centers with AES encryption help keep sensitive casework information protected and backed up at an offsite location. That means you can recover case and patient information quickly—even if your own systems go down or get damaged.

Compatibility and Integration:

  • Easy integration with the most popular lab management solutions, including Labnet, Inventrix Labtrac, Magic Touch Software and ABS Evolution.

  • Compatibility and support for leading restoration technologies, including Dental Wings, D4D Technologies, Envision Tec, 3Shape, Planmeca, Anatamage and more.

  • Smart Envelopes that automatically package and transmit complete cases from leading dental CAD CAM solutions.

Marketing and Promotion:

  • Increased exposure for your lab with free listings on the DDX lab list for your state and on ddxdental.com. You can also purchase listings in other states to expand your reach and attract new regional or national customers.

  • Free DDX web page and email template that helps you promote your DDX service and send new offers to your customers. Learn more about the DDX Comarketing program.

DDX users see immediate benefits once they implement.

"Our practices can work much more efficiently with their lab partners on financial details like account payments and statement requests, since DDX offers online payments and account visibility with each lab. DDX provides an easy way for our practices to streamline and track their entire relationship with the labs they use."

—;Dr. Ed Meckler, Chairman, DentalOne Partners

"DDX has enabled my data entry people to become customer service people."

—;Rob Lash, President, Moskey Dental Laboratories

"The market is changing and DDX really supports the digital growth that dentists require. As offices become more digital, DDX will be the portal they need to transfer everything to me."

—;Tom Love, General Manager, Robertson Dental Laboratories

"Now, I can just click a button right in Dentrix, and the lab prescription is pre-populated with all of my patient's info. I attach an impression scan, click Submit, and I'm done. It takes seconds. It's saved me and my team a huge amount of time with prescriptions. I'd say it's cut 30% of our calls to check on return dates. And it's free."

—;Fred Peck, DDS

"Once dentists and laboratories understand the power of digital integration with DDX and how revolutionary it is for the lab industry, it will absolutely transform the business. We couldn't be more excited about this technology."

—;Bob Miller, Owner, Custom Milling Center (CMC)

"Since we got DDX Enabled a few years ago, we've seen around 30% of our customers send us more work than they used to. But it even goes further than that. When our clients get DDX-Enabled and start completing their prescriptions online, it makes the case ready for scheduling within our production software automatically. We have cut down on mistakes by as much as 20%, and we have improved staff efficiency both in our lab and the dental practice. This literally means we can produce more cases."

—;Warren Rogers, Knight Dental Group, CDL, DAMAS

It's low-cost, quick, and almost certainly the easiest way to stay connected with your caseload and your customers. Get DDX-Enabled now and start receiving digital cases today.

DDX runs on any standard Internet browser, and works seamlessly with lab management systems such as LabNet, Labtrac, Magic Touch Software and ABS. Plus, it features powerful integrations with leading CAD/CAM and milling technologies like Dental Wings*, 3Shape and D4D*, to make receiving totally paperless cases fast, easy and accurate.

We are constantly working to expand the DDX partner portfolio. Check out all our partners here. If you have suggestions for an integration we don't currently offer, please contact us here.

It's low-cost, quick, and almost certainly the easiest way to stay connected with your caseload and your customers. Ready to get DDX-Enabled? Create your account here, or request a demonstration here.

*Imaging features are to be used for documentation and patient education purposes, and should not be used for diagnosis or treatment.